Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions
    1. Provider

      The Provider is DataNibble.com of La Mougue de la Baix, Coustouges, France.

    2. Client

      The Client is a person, organisation, or entity that registers to use Services available from the Provider.

    3. Service

      A Service is a rotating information source that is available from the Provider.

    4. 3Scale

      3Scale is a third-party supplier of Authentication and Billing Services. Any Client accessing a Service available from the Provider must register with 3Scale and supply the authentication details on each request to the access the Service.

    5. Request

      An access by the Client of a specific Service that results in a segment of data that may be used by the Client on a web page under the control of the Client.

  2. Rights to Use
    1. Method of Use

      The Client registers with 3Scale for one, or more, Services and is given a set of authentication and access codes for each Service.

      The Client makes modifications to their website to access the Service and display the result of the request on their webpage.

    2. Amount of Use

      When the Client registers for a Service they agree to a maximum number of Requests per day. Requests over this value are charged for at a specific Service dependant rate.

    3. Redistribution

      The agreement is between the Client, 3Scale and the Provider apply to websites under direct control of the client. The agreement does not allow the Client to resupply the information from a request to a third-party.

  3. Originality

    Some data supplied using the Service is available from other sources and the Provider makes no guarantees as to the uniqueness, or ownership, of the data. The charges that apply are for accessing the data on a rotating basis and do not constitue a transfer of ownership of the data itself.

  4. Availability

    The Services will be available 24 hours a day, but there may be short periods when the a Service is unavailable due to system maintenance, backups, general outages and other circumstances outside of the Provider's control. The Provider will undertake to keep these outages to a minimum.

  5. Installation
    1. Website changes

      The Client must make some changes to their websites to access the Services. It is the Clients responsibility to make these changes and is responsible for all costs, or charges incurred. The Services require the use of Server Side Includes (SSI) and it is the responsibility of the Client to ascertain if their Hosting Service Provider has and will enable SSI on the servers hosting the Clients web site and to pay any extra charges this may require.

    2. Assistance

      The Provider undertakes to give a reasonable amount of email support during the installation process.

  6. Reservations

    The Provider reserves the right to terminate access to a Service if any of the following, or similar, conditions are violated.

    • The Client fails to pay any incurred charges with in the required time period.
    • The Client uses the Service on illegal, or unacceptable web sites such as phishing, those containing adult content, generating spam etc.
    • The Client redistributes the data to a third-party.
    • The Client uses the data on a site not under their direct control.
    • The rate of access of a Client exceeds an reasonable amount and places an undue load on the Providers servers.
    • For Services obtained under a free contract the Client fails to display the datanibble.com address tag.
  7. Termination

    The Client may terminate the contract for a Service with thirty days (30) notice via email or in writing to the Provider at the address given in clause 1.

    The Provider may terminate a Service with a Client with sixty days (60) notice via email to the Client, or immediately if the Client has abused their use of a Service.

  8. Charges

    All charges for using a Service will be billed by 3Scale. The Client must pay 3Scale directly with in the required time period.

    The charges specified during the registration period will apply for a minimum of one year. After this period the Provider reserves the right to alter the rates charged no more than once a year and giving the Client a period of one months notice.

  9. Applicable Jurisdiction

    These Terms and Conditions are subject to French Law.